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~Known (/nōn/) - to be recognized, understood, or validated.


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Faith Ross:


Maximillion Fountain, 21

"It's a place where I can be me, and be comfortable around other people who relate to my life in different ways. It's also a vital key to my growth and to the process of perfecting my craft."


Janae Leibel, 18

"Being in the choir is important to me because without this choirI wouldn't be at the singing level I'm at today, also want to be at the mentality level I'm at today. I may not always tell everyone or even show it but this choir has got me through some things. Because whenever I think of one of our songs or when I'm up on stage with this choir, it brings me pure joy and a smile on my face."


Ezra Frazier, 18

"It gives me the opportunity to share my gift with my peers and to support my peers. It also has help me to make new friends and build relationships with people. Lastly, being apart of this choir has helped me to practice my craft and to make it a priority."

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