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"Trust In You" was birthed after the death of my mother. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I talked to her that morning over the phone, (more like: she talked to me, because I could never get a word in. lol). She left me a voicemail that evening at 9pm, and I received a call shortly after 11pm saying that she had passed in her sleep. I remember pulling out my phone and typing a note that said, "God I'm not mad...I trust your will for my life!”


Frustrated about the fact that I was unable say goodbye, sing over her as she transitioned, and receive her blessing, I took my (concerns, heartache, pain) to God. A couple years later, I met and fell in love with now my wife. Her mother who had stage 4 cancer and passed shortly after we met. Not only was I allowed to say goodbye and sing over her, but I received her blessing as well! All the things that I prayed for and wasn't able to do with my natural mother, God granted me to do with my mother-in-love. 


My prayer is that this song encourages you, that in those tough times, you put your trust in Jesus. The peace that He gives is all that you'll need to carry you through your darkest hour.


Enjoy this Christmas single featuring my Community Youth Choir "KNOWN" Make sure you follow them on all social media platforms: @KNOWNMPLS

The music was produced by Yanni Davis. 

The story behind the Music.

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