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Max, 20

"It's a place where I can be me, and be comfortable around other people who relate to my life in different ways. It's also a vital key to my growth and to the process of perfecting my craft."


Janae, 18

"Being in the choir is important to me because without this choirI wouldn't be at the singing level I'm at today, also want to be at the mentality level I'm at today. I may not always tell everyone or even show it but this choir has got me through some things. Because whenever I think of one of our songs or when I'm up on stage with this choir, it brings me pure joy and a smile on my face."


Andre, 20

"I want to join the choir because I am very passionate about singing and it is something I really love to do. I especially love singing in choirs because I like to see what it’s like when a whole bunch of different people with different talents come together to make something amazing. Also I like to hear all of the voices blend together and sound as one Because it is like food for your ears. It also is fun to sing in a choir when people are jus as passionate and love to sing just as much as you do too. I also want to join the choir because I want to be apart of a choir that is outside of school, sings a wider variety of music and has kids from all kinds of backgrounds and all different ages."


Kaia, 20


Makailia, 22

"Being apart of this choir means a lot to me because I’m able to be apart of something that will change my life in a good way."


Ezra, 18

"It gives me the opportunity to share my gift with my peers and to support my peers. It also has help me to make new friends and build relationships with people. Lastly, being apart of this choir has helped me to practice my craft and to make it a priority."


Kyah,  21

"I would like to be in a choir because I believe it will help me use all of my vocal talent. I can learn different and get to read music. I also will be able to meet new people and be apart of a community."


Ramaj, 21

"Because it helps me with my voice in the long run in it's like a second family for me. I always love being around and helping out in anyway that I can."

"I am very excited to join this choir. I love the fact that Courtland is trying to turn this generation around. The youth need something like this choir in order to connect with other young people. This movement could potentially help many kids find out their purposes. It could make a difference in our society and that is why I am excited to join. I want to personally thank Courtland for putting something so beautiful together and for trying to make a change in our community."

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