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Minnesota Gospel Choir Tribute

On Saturday, July 1, at Ebenezer Community Church, a commemorative event was held to honor four outstanding Minnesota-based choirs: Darnell Davis & The Remnant, Excelsior, Jamar Esaw & Triad for Christ, and Sounds of Blackness. The occasion served as a profound acknowledgment that our present achievements are the result of standing on the shoulders of those who paved the way before us.

The event was meticulously curated to celebrate the enduring musical legacy these choirs have imparted to the state of Minnesota. It underscored the collective understanding that greatness is not an isolated accomplishment but a continuum, shaped by the invaluable contributions of predecessors. This deliberate recognition and celebration were indicative of a shared commitment to preserving and advancing the rich musical heritage of the region.

As participants in this vibrant and storied legacy, we aspire to perpetuate it with unwavering standards of excellence and grace. By acknowledging the foundational influence of those who came before, we seek to honor their contributions while fostering a continued commitment to musical artistry in our community and beyond.

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